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unkwn.jpg (1470 bytes) Dawn on Omaha Beach by Elisha Ray Nance. On June 6, 1944, at a stretch of sand known as Omaha Beach, a group of courageous and frightened Virginians achieved an astounding thing, a victory won at great cost. Elisha Ray Nance from Bedford, Virginia, an officer with Company A, 116th Infantry Regiment, 29th Division, was one of those courageous men. Before he died, Ray penned his memoir of Company A's role in the war; a first hand account of truly remarkable men who made - and changed - history. Available at the National D-Day Memorial Foundation in Bedford, Virginia. Retail $19.99. Proceeds benefit the National D-Day Memorial Foundation.
unkwn.jpg (1470 bytes) Life of a Lynchburger, A Memoir by Dr. Peter W. Houck. This book gives insight to life of this Lynchburg citizen who succeeded as a pediatrician as well as a catalyst for positive changes in his native city. His interest in local history led him to research and write about events of interest to him. $15.00 Proceeds to benefit the Sandusky Foundation.
unkwn.jpg (1470 bytes) Memoirs of Life In and Out of the Army in Virginia During the War Between the States. Experience the Civil War through a Virginia family who wrote private letters telling of life behind the scenes in a war torn city, as well as on the battleground. Written by Susan Leigh Blackford and Captain Charles Minor Blackford in 1894 and printed exclusively for the private use of their family. Two-volume set reproduction is leather bound, limited edition. $95.00
confedhosp.jpg (3507 bytes) A Prototype of a Confederate Hospital Center, by Peter W. Houck. This book depicts life as it was in the Confederacy's largest medical outpost center, Lynchburg, Virginia. Evaluated by two eminent Civil War historians, Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr. and Col. John Barrett, and received excellent reviews. (228 pages, over 80 illustrations, including many original photographs and drawings) Paperback $14.95.
blackford.jpg (3744 bytes) Campaign and Battle of Lynchburg, Virginia by Charles M. Blackford. Annotations by Peter W. Houck. The beautifully written text and annotations describe the week leading up to the main battle, as well as the battle itself. Reprinted verbatim from the original book published in 1901, this 140 page, hardbound book includes the original account as written by Charles M. Blackford. Annotated by Peter W. Houck, there are over 40 illustrations and photographs to include all aspects of that week in June. New data on battle deaths, wounded and captured soldiers adds to appendices in the original. Indexed with a detailed bibliography, this book is a must for Virginia history buffs. 14.95
mcguire.jpg (2853 bytes) The Last Wound of the Late General Stonewall Jackson, by Hunter H. McGuire, M.D. Dr. Hunter McGuire, Jackson's physician, recounts the last few days of Jackson's life in a reprint of an 1866 article. Provides a valuable insight into Jackson's relationship with his men and family and gives the reader a view of his Christian beliefs. (10 pages, 2 photographs, paperback booklet.) $5.00
meddept.jpg (4110 bytes) Letters Sent and Received to the office of the Confederate Medical Director in Virginia, 1862-1863. Transcribed and now published for the first time, these 104 letters are copies of Volume 416 from Chapter VI of the Confederate Army records located at the National Archives, Washington, D.C. The letters, many of which were of a confidential nature, are revealing of many unpublished items and medical statistics of the war and medical issues of a politically sensitive nature in Virginia's 75 General Hospitals. The 170 pages are indexed, and each letter is cataloged and annotated by Civil War historian, Peter W. Houck. Spiral bound. $29.00
Our War Our War annotated by June B. Goode. A story of the Civil War in Bedford, Virginia, as seen from local diaries, letters, newspaper clippings, local stories and other sources. The journal of Lettie Burwell of Avenel was written during this time period and is such an absorbing one that it is printed in its entirety. Contains excerpts from the diaries of Dr. Henry Sommerville and David Hunter Strother, nephew and namesake of Gen. David Hunter, as he rode with the general. $22.00
The Battle of Lynchburg

The Battle of Lynchburg: Seize Lynchburg If Only for a Single Day by L. VanLoan Naisawald. Lynchburg, Virginia's extraordinary transportational and commercial network gave it quick and increased recognition when civil war exploded over the land. As the largest city in Virginia at the time, Lynchburg immediately became a vital connecting link in state resources as well as military strategy. Lynchburg became one of the largest military medical centers west of Richmond and one of only two locales for the treatment of diseased and crippled horses. Illustrated. $10.00

Then a Soldier

Then a Solider by Richard G. Kurtz
With understated passion and rich detail Colonel Kurtz marches readers through the lethal swealtering jungles of Vietnam, 1966. No reader will turn the last page of this memoir untouched by the unique complications of this war and by the soliders who struggled through it. This book is hardback with dust jacket, 262 pages. $40.00 retail $24.00 wholesale. P/H is $4.00. Virginia residents add 5% sales tax.

  Battle of Lynchburg Commemorative Print
Commemorates the 125th anniversary of the Battle of Lynchburg, Virginia. Photographs of the Union and Confederate Generals and the official Jed Hotchkiss battle map. (16” X 20”) All 590 prints are numbered and can be color hand-tinted.
Black and White — $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping/handling per print
Hand-tinted — $40.00 plus $5.00 shipping/handling per print
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