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parrot.jpg (4327 bytes) When Wild Parrots Fly and Other Poems, by Alice Heard Williams $12
Anna Comes Today
and Other Poems by Alice Heard Williams $10
Hey Madame Matisse!
by Alice Heard Williams $14.00. Alice Williams has a special gift of writing poetry that allows her readers to see her subject, and about faith, hope, and love.
  Half My World: The Garden of Anne Spencer - A History and Guide by Rebecca T. Frischkorn & Reuben M. Rainey. Harlem Renaissance Poet Anne Spencer lived in Lynchburg, Virginia from 1901 until her death in 1975. This study explores the history and design of her garden and its influence on her work as a poet. $19.95
Anne Spencer:”Ah, how poets sing and die!” This book gives a brief history of Anne Spencer’s life as a poet, mother, wife, librarian, gardener, and woman who exemplified the advice from her teacher “Take what you have and make what you want.”. Soft cover. $10.00.
Selections Selections by Richard Cecil Rogers "The Poet of Berry Hill" Rogers came from the Shenandoah Valley in 1953 to become caretaker of Berry Hill in South Boston for Fred M. Watkins, the owner. Rogers, the only person Watkins allowed to live in the mansion, occupied a room on the second floor for almost two decades until his death in January of 1967. It is in this room that he wrote most of his poetry. Compiled by Barbara Bass. $10.00
  Free Blacks of Lynchburg, Virginia, 1805-1865, by Ted Delaney and Phillip Wayne Rhodes. The defining feature of this work is the collection of official registrations, records of emancipations, orders of apprenticeship, tax lists and other local court records of free people of color residing in Lynchburg from 1805 through the Civil War. A remarkable primary source for genealogical and historical research. $25.00 Available from the Old City Cemetery, 401 Taylor Street, Lynchburg, Va 24501
Way Opens: A Spiritual Journey by Patricia Wild. Part memoir, part social history, Ways Open: A Spiritual Journey tells the story of Lynda Woodruff and Owen Cardwell, Jr., the African American students who integrated Lynchburg's public schools in 1962. $15.00
music.jpg (5201 bytes) Two Notable Shape-Note Leaders. Scarce work of turn of the century writers providing light, detail and description about two of the great names in 19th century shaped-note music - "Joseph Funk: Father of Song in Northern Virginia" by John W. Wayland and Aldine S. Kieffer, "The Valley Poet, and His Work" by Weldon T. Myers, originally published in The Musical Shenandoah Valley in the 19th century. $16.00
mcwilliams.jpg (11707 bytes) A Return to Glory: The untold story of honor, dishonor and triumph at the United States Military Academy 1950-1953, by Bill McWilliams. The book opens with the never published account of the discovery and subsequent investigation into organized cheating in academics at the United States Military Academy resulting in the resignations of eighty-three cadets in the period August-December 1951. Also contains an account of battles in the Korean War and the rebuilding of Earl Blaik's West Point football team. $21.00
nigerlssns.jpg (4010 bytes) Lessons of History for the Nigerian Republic and Other World Essays, by Dr. P.O. Bodunrin Adeniji.  Dr. Adeniji's book is an attempt to portray the missing truths of Nigerian history, focusing the attention of the reader on Nigeria and those who, through the instrument of the government, have affected its development, demise, or apparent slowdown. $9.95
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