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There is a Season There is a Season by Carolyn Tyree Feagans. Joellen Thaxton's journey weaves through the fabulous fifties and tumultuous sixties-and through countless hardships as a result of growing up in a home with depression and a young marriage with alcoholism. Follow her story as she struggles to cope with life and eventually rebels. But witness how God, through nature, reaches out to her, ultimately leading her to faith, and later to her dreams. $9.95
Sharp Top by Carolyn Tyree Feagans. The Mons Community once was located at the base of Sharp Top Mountain in Bedford County, VA. The Mons Community has since vanished. Step into history. Will, Josh, and Carrie will lead you as their lives intertwine in a love triangle that deepens with time. Historically written, it covers World War II and the Great Depression and how it impacted their lives and forever changed them. $9.95
dogwoods.jpg (4484 bytes) The Dogwoods Are Blooming by Carolyn Tyree Feagans. The story of three generations of the Barrett family explodes with tears and joy. In this heartbreaking tale of love and the high price of sin, the author gives us believable characters facing real life conflict in search of solutions of lasting substance. Hardback $14.95. Paperback $9.95.
springsret.jpg (3784 bytes) Spring's Return by Carolyn Tyree Feagans. This novel is a unique story of a Sioux Indian who was raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Her heart is torn between these mountains and the mystical Black Hills of South Dakota. She is haunted by the memory of one mysterious Monacan from her youth. Through this drama, you will find comfort in the never changing mountains, and in the love and faith of the Barrett family and their special friend, Roxy. $9.95
blfeagans.jpg (3544 bytes) In the Shadow of the Blue Ridge by Carolyn Tyree Feagans. Set in historical Lynchburg and Amherst County, Virginia, this story follows the life of an old midwife of Indian/Irish descent who was raised by a Negro midwife after her mother died. You will come to understand the wisdom of this woman as she works in her community and touches the lives of many people. $9.95

Sad Country Song: A Murder Mystery in the Mountains of Virginia by Bill Tucker. Two trout fisherman found her body caught in a logjam in Little Spruce Creek. There were multiple stab wounds and broken bones. Who, or why would anyone want to kill Sally Jessup? She was an attractive, vivacious local girl who was well liked—though at times she was seen with a couple of unsavory "redneck" types.

The Sheriff arrested a slightly retarded man that most considered harmless. Several friends believed it had to be a setup. "Dew" would not hurt a fly. Was the sheriff, or others, involved? Was he protecting someone higher up? Who could they go to? The friends knew they had to solve the puzzle, but for their own safety, they had to keep a low profile. $9.95

layne.jpg (4005 bytes) The Sound of the Dolphin's Psalm, by Libby Layne. Libby Layne's adventures and passions have led her to a wonderful journey into the process of living and learning. Learning from her research and experience with children of many different kinds of disabilities, she conducted a study with four autistic children, one on one, to determine whether sounds created by dolphins made a difference in the children's ability to communicate. $12.00
Eon Isle Chronicles by J. Pendleton Campbell. A trilogy, written to "get at" some complex human problems, such as moving on in spite of fear. $24.95
Reluctant Shepherd by J. Pendleton Campbell.This story chronicles a promising young minister's journey through a kind of hell as he fights false charges of statutory rape by a young girl and being shunned by his fellow clergymen. He leaves the ministry only to find himself pushed into being a priest without portfolio to bookies, strippers, and prostitutes in Washington, D.C.'s nightlife population. $25.00
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