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gideon.jpg (2950 bytes) Billy Keith and the Tooth Fairy by Annie Mae Keeling Poole. A child's story about the tooth fairy using lost teeth to build a castle for the king. Hardback. Full Color. $12.95
gideon.jpg (2950 bytes) The Adventures of Gideon by E. T. Hapgood. A collection of stories about a many-legged bug named Gideon, whose creativity and zest for life leads him down many paths, learning much along the way, and always making the very most of whatever the situation might bring. Hardback $12.00
Finding the Magic by Dan Sumerel. This book covers in detail the training system used by Dan Sumerel to help horse owners of all breeds and disciplines improve their effectiveness with their horses and remove the struggles from the relationship. $30.00
horton.jpg (5736 bytes) A Quest for Adventure by David Horton and Rebekah Trittipoe. Experience the trials and triumphs of David Horton in his pursuit of a record on the Appalachian Trail and the Trans-America Footrace. $14.95
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Legendary America by Henry Mahler. A collection of sketches in verse, based on both fictional and historic characters from the first 200 years who have acquired legendary status of the American experience. Retail $10.00


muniz2.jpg (3270 bytes) Images and Echoes by John Muniz.  Mr. MunizÝ's second book of short stories. Celebrating the ordinary instead of capitalizing on the bizarre, his short stories are a glimpse into a daily mosaic of life. Muniz spins his stories of everyday life in ordinary places smoothly and seamlessly, and his endings often arrive with a twist. Retail $12.00.
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Avoiding the OS Phase: Simple Strategies for Predictive Project Management by Robert Baim. $24.95.

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Battle at the Overland Trail

Battle at the Overland Trail by Jason Abady. In the Pacific Theater of the Second World War, Guadalcanal Island was of pivotal importance for both Japan and the United States to prosecute the war in their favor. On the island, control of Henderson Airfield and access to it were paramount. One could argue that the entire course of World War II in the Pacific was focused on one critical strategy: the island, the airfield and all trail access that led to it. Quickly thrown into battle, both sides endured six months of extremely bitter fighting in what would be the longest campaign for a single piece of territory in U.S. military history. On the night of September 13, 1942, a single line of Marines prevented the Japanese Kuma Battalion from seizing the prized Henderson Airfield Battle at the Overland Trail documents this one night of critical combat on what would come to be known as the Island of Death. It includes many letters, diary excerpts and photos never before released to the public. Hardback with dust jacket. $35.00 retail.

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