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Bedford Goes to War Bedford Goes to War: The Heroic Story of a Small Virginia Community in World War II (Revised Edition) by James W. Morrison. The compelling World War II story of Bedford County, Virginia, is one of heroism, sacrifice, and remembrance. It is a story unique, yet similar to experiences across America. $24.95
Lynchburg, Virginia: The First Two Hundred Years Lynchburg, Virginia: The First Two Hundred Years 1786-1986 by James M. Elson. An updated history of this historic city. $35.00
Patrick Henry Patrick Henry in His Speeches and Writings and in the Words of His Contemporaries by James M. Elson. Annotated by Dr. Elson, this book includes only those quotations of and stories about Patrick Henry that can be traced to him or his contemporaries. Includes notes, bibliography and index. $14.95
indian.jpg (2865 bytes) Indian Island in Amherst County, by Peter W. Houck and Mintcy Maxham. Acclaimed as the best researched history of the Indians of Central Virginia. Connects the Indian story from the Stone Age people to the Indian descendants now living in Amherst County. Updated and revised to include new research, information, and genealogical charts. (softback) $14.95
mcewan.jpg (3020 bytes) Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, by Barbara McEwan. Learn about Jefferson's life on his lovely estate in the home he called the best dwelling house. Here he was able to cloister himself from the government that demanded so much of him. Reviewed by two architectural historians for accuracy and completeness. (125 pages, over 50 illustrations, including many original photographs and drawings, paperback.) $9.95
lyndhneigh.jpg (2785 bytes) Lynchburg and Its Neighbors by Rosa Faulkner Yancey. Originally published in 1935, this book includes history of Lynchburg and provides genealogy on many of the families instrumental in the development of the city. (473 pages, 26 pictures) $35.00
tourlbg.jpg (5728 bytes) Tour Lynchburg by Peter W. Houck. A guide to the cultural heritage of Lynchburg, Virginia. Numerous drawings, pictures and maps will guide one around this city founded by John Lynch in 1786. $10.00
coloring.jpg (4345 bytes) Civil War Coloring Book, by Ann Marshall. Tells the story of Civil War in Lynchburg, Virginia. With its bold type and eye-catching pictures, this is a fun learning device for children currently studying history. (21 full page illustrations to color plus narratives.) $3.00
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